'I always think of my style of floristry as being a lot like landscape painting, constructed by balancing colours, she says. “I’m much more comfortable creating pieces that face one-way, which I guess stems from working with a canvas.' - ALICE FLOWERS



'Open Water Swimming is one of the fastest growing mass participation sports. The National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA) was launched in 2010 to help improve safety standards at open water swimming venues around Great Britain. NOWCA now has a growing community of swimmer members and annual self-certified venues.' - NOWCA



'Our coffee provides more than just your daily caffeine fix. As a social enterprise, we believe in people over profit and do everything with social good in mind. Aside from providing the community with great coffee, our core mission is to provide expert training, jobs and housing support for people experiencing homelessness across the UK.' - OLD SPIKE



'A green oasis in the middle of the King’s Cross development - This sustainable urban garden really is a charming oasis with wild flowers, vegetables and herbs, beehives and chicken coops. What started as a moveable vegetable garden built in skips, has grown into a community project that provides all kinds of opportunities for local young people.' - SKIP GARDEN



'Tiny Leaf is London’s first and only organic, zero waste, vegetarian restaurant. Our menu takes root in organic surplus food stock, generously supplied by local food suppliers and supermarkets, farms, distributors, plant breeders and retailers.' - TINY LEAF