'Tengri is a collective movement built by people pioneering a new heritage. We're a London-based social enterprise built on technological innovation, British design and craftsmanship, and a 100% transparent supply chain. This collective combines conservation, innovation, technology and ethical business.' - TENGRI



'The Rider collection is designed by co- founder and in-house designer Carlo Volpi, as well as textile and fashion students from Heriot-Watt University. The garments are being made in Scotland and London, where quality craftsmanship and technological innovation add new value to Mongolian Khangai noble yarns.' - TENGRI



'Huntsman, the esteemed Savile Row tailor, has an extraordinary history that stretches back over 165 years. The house creates impeccable bespoke suiting for the most discerning clientele that includes nobility, royalty, statesmen and iconic Hollywood stars. Huntsman has always prided itself on its rich heritage and longstanding reputation as one of the best and yet innovative bespoke tailors on Savile Row.' TENGRI



'Tengri has joined forces with prestigious bed maker, Savoir Beds, to develop a bespoke edition of one of the world’s most coveted beds. Made with Tengri’s premium yak fibres, hand-combed from the noble creatures of the mountainous Khangai region in Mongolia, The Savoir No 1 Khangai offers the signature experience of one of the world’s finest handcrafted sleep systems, combined with the ultimate in sustainable luxury.' - TENGRI